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 Word Annotations for Vocabulary Education

Main Features

  1. tecWAVE will automatically annotate words that a student is unfamiliar with based on child factors (e.g., age, reading level, native language) along with explicit and implicit feedback.

  2. tecWAVE will automatically track the history of students' clicking and this information will assist in refining the system so that it works more effectively in the classroom.

  3. Using natural language processing techniques, tecWAVE will
    • Automatically disambiguate each annotation based on context
    • Automatically generate dictionary entries and pictures for each of the annotated words
    • Automatically provide annotations in a child's native language when appropriate

  4. tecWAVE will accept social annotation from teachers and parents through Web 2.0 techniques.  This input will serve to further improve the quality of future annotations.

  5. The application will generate reports to inform the teacher how well the whole class and each individual student is doing. This information will provide important instructional feedback for all aspects of the curriculum.

  6. tecWAVE is web-based, so it can be accessed by any Internet enabled PC or mobile home.

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